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Alexa Dominique Pascual

ACTRA : Apprentice

Taille :5p1 Poids :100 lbs
Cheveux :Noirs Yeux :Bruns
Langue(s) parlée(s) :Anglais sans accent
Ethnie :Asiatique
Expériences :


  • La semaine des 4 Julie- Noovo (Quebec)
  • Breakfast Television Toronto – City TV



  • Montreal Completement Cirque (Contortion Aerialist)
  • St. John’s International CircusFest (Contortion Aerialist)
  • Cirquantique (Contortion Aerialist)
  • Le Nouvel An Chinois s’en vient à grands pas. In “Place Des Arts” (Contortionist / Dancer)
  • Chinese Foundation Gala (Contortionist)
  • Chinese Orchid Ball YCPA for Asian Heritage month (Contortion Dancer)
  • Women Empowerment dance project (Contortion Dancer)
  • Featured in “Le Droit” newspaper and nominated for “Antoine – Desilets Awards in Daily Life Category” for contortion and dance. With photographer Patrick Woodbury.



  • IDANCE Dance Competition- Best technique Acrobatic Dance Category
  • Reprezent Dance Competition Événements Prima Dance- Dancer
  • Hit the Floor Dance Competition- Dancer (Acro Dance)
  • The View Dance Competition – High Gold (Acro Dance)
Formation :
  • Le Petit Cirque LA – Contortion Aerialist
  • Broadway Dance Center- Dancer (Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Jazz)
  • Circus Warehouse (New York) – Contortion Aerialist
  • Academie De Danse De Montreal- Dancer
  • Degree – International Relations and Public Affairs , Dance and Acting
  • House Of Actors – Acting for film
  • The Circus Arts City La TOHU (Private coaching)
  • Academie Ness Martial trained by Ali Nestor- MMA and Kick Boxing